Location de cabinet médical meublés à Grenoble

Situé sur la commune de FROGES, notre hub santé vous propose cinq espaces d’activités meublés : cinq cabinets meublés spécialement aménagés pour vos activités médical, paramédicales, etc. C’est la liberté de louer quand vous le désirez.


Vous profitez d'un espace à l'abri des regards et oreilles indiscrets


Vous avez la possibilité d'annuler jusqu'à 24h avant votre location

Sain et sûr

Les mesures hygiéniques sont respectées dans le bâtiment tout entier


Cosy - Lumineux - Chaleureux


Serrure electronique à code unique

A healthy and safe workspace

Private office for exclusive rent

Our Rooms are private and confidential. Unlike an open space, you have the exclusive use of it. Only your team will have access.

Frequent cleaning

Our housekeeping rules have been revised, disinfection and cleaning are carried out every morning in the Rooms and morning and noon in the common areas.

Hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance

At each of our addresses, hydroalcoholic gel is made available with a reminder of the barrier gestures to be observed in and outside the Rooms.

Disinfection kit in Rooms

A disinfection kit is provided with recommendations for use upon your arrival in our Rooms.

Social distancing respected

The layout and capacity of certain rooms have been reviewed. Your employees can be installed at a distance of 1 meter in complete safety.

Management of small equipment

We recommend that you come with your own equipment. Pens, markers and post-its are still available in our Rooms.

If you want your team to get back to
work safely

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